My life has been guided by my intuition. My inner knowing. My divinity. I am the best kept secret in the healing world. I challenge the status quo. I question what is. I question myself. 


I test drove what we are sold as ‘success’. Got the job, got the pay check, left the job, launched a business, was a mother in business. Followed all the social media rules for business growth. All the time seeing beyond it yet keeping myself trapped in it. Behind all of this was an inner knowing I would at some point in my life, pull it all down. I did!


This intuitive investigation of my soul has seen me; heal from psychosis without prescribed medication, be guided by my dreams, seek lessons from birds and collaborate with my menstruation cycle to create the most highly priced selfie in the world as a Mother Artist. My story will empower people to step into their Sovereignty.


‘When humans find themselves face to face, each one wants to impose it’s sovereignty on the other, if both hold to this claim equally a reciprocal relationship is created; either hostile or friendly but always tense.’ Simone de Beauvoir

Empowerment Sovereignty Speaker


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