What is your money story? Do you feel you never have enough? Do you see it as destructive? Do you feel if you chase it that ain't the 'feminine' way? I have flipped my thinking and can help you flip yours


The offer;

  • Talk through your money blockers

  • Your values

  • How to attract it in alignment with who you truly are, not selling yourself


We need to attract money to and align it with our values. See it as a resource that will clean up the world we have come to live in. If we keep directing it and leaving it in the hands of the power that dictates, we are complicit. 


For years I saw money as toxic, destructive a killer of the planet, sparse. I did NOT love it. I did not love me.


I realised it wasn’t the money itself doing destruction, it was a reflection of the people who were handling it. Unconscious people who believe biggering is bettering. And we as people had been hoodwinked into handing over our hard-earned cash.


So I figured, what if I change my money mindset an attract the money to the create the change I seek to see. For me it isn’t about filling my life with material objects. It is about cleaning up the destruction I have stood by and watched, feeling helpless to fix it.


I know I can dream my world into being. For so long I believed my dreams were; ‘Silly, idealistic, not for the ‘real’ world’ So I asked; WHY NOT. And remembered ‘no one holds the power over me’ I hold the divine power within myself.


This is a 2 hour offering, this can be over zoom or a face to face meet at a sacred place if the weather is ripe. Together we will work through your money story. You will feel empowered to become the attractor.


Love you attract Money


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