Have you ever wished you just had clarity on your purpose? Step away from people pleasing and go rouge? I can help you. 


3 months guidance, encouraging you to go beyond your edges and be a badass in life and business.


You are done with being told how to do things by social media, experts, friends and family, you wanna trust YOU. Well that’s what I am all about. Intuitive living.


I work with you as you are. You are an individual. I don’t lesson plan I meet you as you are in the present moment. I listen deeply to the words you say and actions you make, the path you have taken so far. I have come to realise we hide a breadcrumb trail for our selves.


This is for women who are seeking to start their own business. Women who already have their own business and want to work in alignment with their truth. I will hold your hand through the transition. You will meet yourself.


We will have 2 hours face time each month in person or via zoom and use Voxer to converse. I value space and this is what my work is about. I am not here to consume your space, I am here to help you create space.


What I bring to the table;

I see things the way others don’t

I will challenge your thinking

I will share with you creative ways I use to get fired up

You will learn to value who you are, be authentic in the way you make a living, love money, attract money.


Payment can be paid in full or over 3 months.

Rebel Art Skool Be a Badass


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