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Made in Womb Tour

We are All Salvator Mundi

Mother Artist's are rare in the Art World. I find this extraordinary as there is an abundance of Mother creators in the world. My intuitive investigation is calling me to make a Womb Pilgrimage to Silbury Hill. For 1st August 2020.  

On my journey to there I am seeking invites to bring the exhibition and my story to you. Your garden? Your garage? A village hall? 

This tour will be in honour the late Monica Sjöö and Barbra Mor, artists and writers of The Great Cosmic Mother. Both whose words and art have educated and inspired me. 



Press, podcasters, writers, galleries, schools, women circles, universities. I am available to speak about the journey of 'Made in Womb'.



I empower you to step into your Sovereignty. 




What does this bring up for you? Share your words and experience with me. I seek your truth, not your kindness. 

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